WINDOW2050™ creating our future together


WINDOW2050 stands for Women's Intergenerational Network for Development Opportunities & Wealth.  


The creation of WINDOW2050 grew from an idea conceived of during 2010 to design ways of connecting the energy and inspiration of youth with the experience and wisdom of age with an embedded ethos of sustainability.


Now in 2012, WINDOW2050 is delighted to be realising its aims by starting to inform and share knowledge in ways that may help in planning futures in changing times while acknowledging the needs of future generations who have no voice to ensure that their needs will be met.


WINDOW2050 embraces the sustainability ethos of combining Environment, Economics and Society and it is with this mind that we are bringing people together from 18 to 80+, remembering everyone's needs, recognising everyone's contribution and, essentially, respecting everyone at every age. 


Having developed six broad themes by which WINDOW2050's activities and communications will be guided, we will be sharing up to date thought leadership, offering a community platform to facilitate productive dialogues and helping to highlight areas of potential market growth where new niches or chances for enterprise and innovation may exist just to whet your entrepreneurial appetite!


Our team will be developing events for delivery later in the year and we hope that you will take up the opportunity to contribute to our programme as guest speakers, as presenters of your own small businesses and as valued participants, to benefit directly from the information share as well as from the diverse, professional networking potential in a convivial atmosphere.  After all, what's informative and enjoyable is always more memorable!


As WINDOW2050 builds its network and partnerships, we will also be adding the means by which the self-employed and those running SMEs with demonstrably sustainable strategies will be able to promote their businesses to a wider audience (terms and conditions will apply).


Look out for more details on the WINDOW2050 website and via news updates to your email address.  


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"The young, free to act on their initiative, can lead their elders in the direction of the unknown... The children, the young, must ask the questions that we would never think to ask, but enough trust must be re-established so that the elders will be permitted to work with them on the answers." - Margaret Mead