Image, Consumption & Sustainable Lifestyles

The Image, Consumption & Sustainable Lifestyles theme explores what makes us feel and look good, our purchasing behaviour and how to maintain and enjoy life as we know it but with lower impacts on natural resources.  From the intergenerational perspective, today's consumers may presently be unaware of any real issues affecting the sources behind what's available on our supermarket shelves and on the rails of fashion retailers.  We can start adapting to more sustainable lifestyles now while giving a thought to the likely experience of future generations and even create new enterprises reflecting these trends. 

Gender Equality, Employment & Entrepreneurship

The Gender Equality, Employment and Entrepreneurship theme addresses the progress of women throughout their careers.  Whether aiming to reach higher management and Executive positions or starting with great ideas and building those inspirations into fledgling businesses, we have never had more opportunities to explore new ways to derive income from drawing on our own initiative and applying ourselves to new challenges.  Entrepreneurs have specific needs for support so meeting others who are en route to launching their own businesses and meeting mentors who have already succeeded will help us achieve the visions we see for ourselves.

Education, Psychology & Coaching for Change

The Education, Psychology and Coaching for Change theme embraces learning, personal development and the desire and need to move on with life for personal and professional reasons. As our lives evolve through the different stages we recognise and learn to accept that uncertainties, achievements and failures are all part of life's rich tapestry and that it's how we face our challenges, overcome any obstacles, re-set our course and handle ourselves in the moment, that really counts.  Being ready for skills development and professional coaching may then enhance our chances of reaching our goals.

Personal Finance, Pensions & Investing Responsibly

The Personal Finance, Pensions and Investing Responsibly theme represents the opportunity to look at the bigger economic picture, to review how we might manage our money bettter and in what type of funds we choose to invest.  Matching investors' needs with funds that deliver good returns is one thing but having more sustainable intentions and investing responsibly is quite another.  We can reflect our values through the investment choices that we make. 

Household, Family & Healthcare

The Household, Family and Healthcare theme encompasses our responsibilities at home and for those for whom we care.  Women have a uniquely powerful role in the home so the person who coined the phrase "Home is where the heart is" certainly understood how the management of our households, our family's well-being and access to best quality healthcare, sit at the centre of our happiness, security and fundamental sense of stability.  Knowing what options are available to help us adapt and keep thriving in changing times has never been more important.

Leisure, Volunteering & Giving

The Leisure, Volunteering and Giving theme focuses on what we choose to do in our free time covering myriad activities towards which we are propelled by very personal choices to keep well, feel fulfilled and to generally enjoy our lives.  Third sector activities, including helping others in an unofficial capacity as well as volunteering for charitable and non-profit causes, seem limitless. Giving to others in terms of time and support or by donating to charities through whom our financial gifts are re-distributed to our preferred causes, completes the picture. Making a contribution to others' lives can make a lasting difference to society and it makes us feel good too!